The Ultimate Health Boost

Winter is coming. And with it comes a barrage of illnesses we all dread. Melbourne weather can be so harsh that all you want to do is stay inside under a blanket with countless warm drinks and a hot water bottle. If you’re feeling a little off, the last thing you want to do is be near anyone.

Well, we have a suggestion that doesn’t involve drinking liquid kale all day or eating a bunch of vitamins, and it’s so easy.


Sex is the ultimate cold and flu medicine. Doctors will agree. If you start to feel like your energy is on the decline, what you need to do is snuggle up to a lady. Not only will you get to enjoy her warmth, but your health will increase with every orgasm!

Firstly, sex increases your immunity against the common cold and the flu. Whenever you come into company of a gorgeous woman, the byproduct of sex is an increase in the production of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which protects you against viruses like the flu. Sex is also a natural antihistamine, so if you’re feeling a little stuffy… you know who to call.

And if you’re suffering a little Seasonal Affective Disorder, nothing is going to cheer you up more than a little action with a beautiful woman (or several beautiful women), which releases endorphins into your blood stream for a little pick-you-up whenever you’re feeling down.

Had a long week at work? Sex is a natural painkiller. Relieve those aches and pains by stretching out with someone nice. Our ladies have magic hands too, just sayin’. 😉

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