After spending several hours behind the wheel a couple of weeks ago, I decided to relax and treat myself to some horizontal refreshment at Manhattan.

It was fairly early in the evening but there were three great looking ladies available. I could have enjoyed spending time with any one of them, but in the end I decided on a deluxe hour with Lexi.

Tastefully inked, although I don’t usually go for ladies with tattoos, she turned out to be a very good choice indeed. A well-toned body with smallish natural tits and a nice shaved pussy, she responded very positively to my kisses and caresses. After she put a condom on my cock with her mouth she sucked me until I was rock hard. I then went down on her and enjoyed myself there for a while before we fucked.

I am average size, but she was really nice and tight, and after a while I had a very satisfying orgasm. Afterwards we settled down to a little mutual massage and conversation. We talked for a while until she lost concentration because my fingers had found her clit, then she asked me (almost demanded) to go down on her again. I was happy to do this and eventually brought her to a very loud and very real orgasm.

When she had recovered from that she put another condom on me and proceeded to suck me hard again. She then climbed on top and we fucked for a while, but I couldn’t keep it up so we just settled down for more conversation until my time was up. She told me it was the end of her shift and that I was her first client that evening. I couldn’t believe that someone so good wasn’t in constant demand. I will definitely be looking to fuck with Lexi next time I’m in town.


Was there on business in Melbourne and a couple of us wanted to play up , went in on Friday night after the big boring function. it was about midnight and boy were there some stunners there. I was a bit shy but my mate Paul picked the one i was gonna pick she was cheeky . Anyway they went upstairs and then I was waiting I had already decided to keep myself tame and pass tonight But then there was this hot Blondie with the tightest bod, she winked at me as she walked past. That was it, I went to the lady at the desk and said “ can I meet that one”. Ofcourse she said and within 30 seconds I was nearly blowin in my jocks as I followed her up the stairs. She knew how to turn it on, I was shot within 10 minutes…… I’m so happy I missed the first one. And then Paul came out after his 60 minute booking all proud of himself and stuff and he was thinking I missed out. I think his girl was Evie or Ella but he said she was very satisfied with his load. I dont even remember my lady’s name

B Wilcox

I’ve used a number of Brothels, and to be honest I’m fed up by the disgusting way the girls are treated sometimes and the filthy rooms I’m expected to pay for just to be ripped of by a girl who would prefer to do intros than see me, when I’ve already paid. I have one place that I don’t have these issues at, it’d just a bit further from me than the ones near my house, but I think it’s worth it, and it is close to work. I’d prefer escorts if I didn’t have a wife at home, so it’s driving to Carlton for me, Manhattan Terrace, it has discreet back parking, the girls are friendly, and the prices are spot on. It’s worth going to a place I know is clean, and the ladies are happy to be there, than waste my time at a dive that I’ll either catch something at, or will get ripped off at.


I walk past Manhattan Terrace on the way to and from work and admit I’ve always been curious. So I decided to reward myself for working hard and walked up the steps and into the building. Nakita grabbed my attention straight away and it felt like my dick was going to rocket right off my body when she pulled me down onto the bed! She was really friendly and knew how to work her body. I now include a trip to Manhattan at least once a week on the way home after a hard day at work. Nakita knows just how to de-stress me.


Schoolgirls are my favourite role play. Reminds me and keeps me in touch with my younger years. Best part of it was the underwear inspection – she wasn’t wearing any so I had to do my duty and punish her with ten minutes worth of doggy.
Paulo, Ascot Vale


I’m a tradie and only had half hour lunch break, so I was quite excited to have a 30 minute tool inspection. Hammered her, I did, she whispered words as she kissed me good bye and walked me to the door, “you nailed it!” Walked out pissing myself laughing, highly recommend Lucy to anyone! Especially us tradies!


I wanted a hot chick to act as my secretary … never thought having a personal assistant could be so much fun. There’s no such thing as your secretary taking too much dicktation whilst sitting under the desk…


Wow!! I was lucky enough to keep it in my pants until I got to the room. I’ve always had a thing for the Kardashian sisters and was quite excited when I got to meet this Aussie version. I was blown away in seconds!! And she performs just as good – the Oscar goes to her!


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