Young, athletic and carefree, Roxy isn’t afraid to walk on the wild side. A self-confessed party girl, (with a hint of risqué/kink tricks up her sleeve to keep things interesting), her gorgeous tan, brunette hair and badass attitude will leave you reeling.

In her free time, she likes to look after herself by keeping fit. She hikes, goes to the gym and roller skates. Her dream car is a ’67 Corvette Stingray and she listens mostly to 90’s hip hop, pop punk and metal music. When asked what she’d like to change most in the world, she replied ‘I’d stop pineapple being put on pizza,’ an accurate representation of her humour.

She describes her perfect client as funny and easy-going, someone she can banter with and have a great time. Her biggest turn-off is poor hygiene. She especially enjoys bookings with her girlfriend, Chantel.

  • Age; 24
  • Size; 10
  • Hair; Long Brunette
  • Eyes; Sultry brown

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