Celeste Noir

You want to be fucked, don’t you?

You do, I know you do. I can feel it. I can feel you. It makes me want you.

The only question is, how do you want me?

I’m here for you, with milky white skin, natural D cup breasts and luscious curves.

As soon as you see me coming to meet you, your mouth will water. You’ll start to get hard. Your eyes will linger on my perfect tits, swaying under my thin top, and you’ll want - no, you’ll need - to touch them. You’ll wonder what I’m wearing under my stylish clothes. Lace? Silk? Yes. Everything that I’m wearing will be for you. You’ll look up, into my eyes. Trace the curve of my cheeks, notice my smile - a little bit mysterious, and a whole lot of naughty.

Look at my smooth, alabaster complexion, my long lashes. My hips, swaying. I’m relaxed. I’ll take my time too, looking you up and down. I’m always happy to see you. You’re in for a treat.

Do you want me on top? I’ll take care of you. I’ll move you back against the hotel room wall and slowly sink to my knees, holding your eyes with mine. My enthusiastic smile will be the last thing you see before I suck your cock so good you nearly black out. And while your legs are still shaking I’ll steer you over to the bed, and push you down - gently. Then I’ll climb on top of you for the ride of our lives.

I know you want to please me too. There are so many ways to drive me crazy. Just take me nice and vanilla, with my ankles around your neck, deep, tight and warm.

Make me moan. Go down on me, and finger me until I come for you. Have you ever wanted to experience female ejaculation? You can, with me. I’ll squirt for you.

Or you like it kinky? I’ll be your Mistress. I’m confident in the ways of domination - I was made for it. Play with me, power games and pain games. Your kinkiest, deepest darkest dreams, the soft threat of leather, sliding slowly over your sensitive ass. I will tie you, and blindfold you. I’ll be firm with you. Very firm. My dark eyes are hypnotic, and even if you want to resist, you can feel absolutely confident that I won’t let you. I’ll understand and respect your boundaries, but within them, I will make you mine.

Celeste x

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