PornHub knows what you like

Not directly of course that would be creepy.  But the porn goliath collects and analyzes its data every year to be released in its year in review.  2017 saw some interesting increases especially in the pop culture porn searches (we are talking about fidget spinners and Rick and Morty, there may even be a video with both…)


Let's start with 2017's Traffic

- 28.5 billion annual visits to Pornhub

- 81 million daily average visits

- There were 25 billion searches performed

  • That's 50,000 searches per minute
  • Or 800 searches per second


Over 4 million videos were uploaded

  • Amounting to about 68 years worth of videos
  • Or 24,811 days
  • Or 595,482 hours


Australia came in eighth in the top 20 list of countries that watch the most


Australia is even noted for their love of the outdoors which as a search term was 24% higher than other countries.  Also in relation to search was a surprise with the craze of fidget spinners. Somehow fidget spinners became a pop culture icon, and as the saying goes, art imitates life, and so does porn it would seem.  Across the globe, fidget spinners spun their way into one of the top trending searches.


The whole world loves lesbian porn

Topping the most searched for terms list is “Lesbian” which has been at the top of the list for 3 years running. Will that change in 2018? We will be sure to let you know if it does.


There is a new pornstar topping the list of most searched for pornstars.

Riley Reid takes over the #1 spot moving up three spots from last year, where longtime favourite Sasha Grey had the biggest drop on the list to #20 moving down 6 spots compared to last year. Also worth noting is Kimmy Granger moving up 11 places, whatever she's doing people seem to like it.


Fun fact: the first male name that comes up in order of popularity is Jordi El Nino Polla at #33, apparently when it comes to pornstars women are much more popular than men.

Here is the list of the leading men and their respective search popularity. There are only 6 men in the top 100 searches and 8 in the top 200!


Who stays the longest?

Aussies on average stay on Pornhub for 9 min 51 seconds, improving our average from last year.  But Argentina sports the biggest jump on the list jumping up 71 spots at 10 min 05 seconds. The worldwide average increased slightly by 23 seconds to 9 min and 59 sec, maybe next year we can collectively crack the 10 min mark.


We are nearing the end of 2018 check back in a few months for the 2018 data!

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