My Famous Clients

We have a privacy factor at the parlour, so I can’t and won’t reveal any identities – but what I can safely tell you is that I’ve been booked by actors, rock stars / musicians, international chefs, media personalities, high profile businessmen, artists and comedians.

Most of them were absolutely lovely – down to earth, great companionship and interesting to talk with. After a while you kinda forget who they are in a famous sense. Some I had sex with and others I didn’t. In one booking (10 hours) after a lot of intense sex, we crashed out and I woke up to him performing oral on me. And it was good oral too, very nice indeed. That is one of my favourite memories!

One client sat there and did nothing but snort a lot of coke in front of me. He had a mountain of the stuff. He snorted line after line and talked about nothing but himself for hours on end. Still, at $1000 an hour, I was more than happy to oblige!

It’s fascinating; every guy has different fantasies and needs. I’ve heard a lot in my time as a working girl and I love to celebrate the uniqueness of every client. Famous or not!

– Zoe

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