Where Do Melbourne Escorts Rank Among the World’s Best

It is well known throughout Australia that Melbourne is home to many fine escorts, but where do they stack up against the rest of the world?

While we know you’ll always stay loyal to Manhattan when at home, we also know that our customer love to explore. Which other countries do punters flock to when going abroad? Well, ask and you shall receive. We’ve gone through hundreds of the top punter sites on the internet so you don’t have to.


Thailand is world famous for its sex trade. Often Thailand is the first thought that  springs to mind when sex trade and travel are thought of.

Bars in Thailand employ “bargirls.” Simply put, these are waitresses or bartenders that are available to be taken back to your hotel for a fee, which is paid to the bar. The punter then negotiates with the girl separately for her fee.

Bargirls are generally a safer option than street workers in Thailand, as they are beholden to their individual employers, which makes them less likely to rob you.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is world famous for its liberal views on sex and the sex industry. Sex work is totally legal and regulated in the Netherlands, making it a safe vacation spot for tourists from all around the globe.

The Netherlands is also home to the famous “Red Light District.” Women of the red light district wait in windows visible from the street, giving a new meaning to the term window shopping.

Dominican Republic

If the Caribbean is more your style, the Dominican Republic will suit you quite well.  Beautiful weather year round, affordability, and the scenery are a few perks to go alongside legalized sex work.

Sticking with the Latin flair, Brazil is a hot bed for sex work tourism. Brazil, like the Netherlands, is home to many red light districts,  but do be careful, as the Brazilian government has been cracking down on the sex work industry in recent years. Brazil also has a high rate of violent crime, maybe Melbourne is the better option?


Spain is next on our list, keeping Latina women at the forefront. Barcelona has a huge bar scene, and with it comes a great sex industry. If you head out at night, be sure to check in on the red light district of Barcelona, where the sights are nearly as beautiful as the women.


Next in our travels brings us to the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia. As you head to see magnificent Buddhist temples, pay close attention for bars and nightclubs because these places are where you will find a burgeoning sex industry.

While sex work is illegal in Cambodia, this does not stop the tourist trade from taking place. Be mindful of your surroundings, and the legality at hand.


After Cambodia, you can make a stop in the Philippines, another Southeast Asian country. Angeles City is home to some of the finest sex workers in the world. Just like Cambodia, prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, but a quick trip through any major tourist hub, and you will see numerous massage parlors, and bars frequented by sex workers.


One last stop on the worldwide tour takes us back to a land populated by Latina women, in Colombia. Keep in mind the dangers of visiting a drug torn country as you visit, and if that doesn’t deter you then you will find beautiful curvy women, many of which are willing to negotiate their terms and prices.

All things considered, we still think Melbourne escorts still top on the list of tourist destinations for those looking to dabble in a bit of intimate fun. But you know what they say: a change is as good as a holiday!

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