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Hello, my name is Victoria. I am tall, slim, tattooed, and have killer curves; Victoria is a picturesque beauty, soft and cheeky. I have long, dark hair, a coy demeanor and a dimpled smile. I highly value kindness and play.

My close friends describe me as witty, honest and caring. I am turned on by intellect. On my days off I like to shop at the markets, buy fresh food and cook. I love all music (except country) and my favourite footy team is St Kilda. I dream of travelling Mexico and hiking all through New Zealand. If she could change one thing in the world it would be to ‘bring back Pangaega!’ My favourite party trick is reading four books at once.

If I could change any misconception about the sex industry it would be that I need to be saved from this job – it’s the best i’ve ever had! My dream client is one that is interesting and wants to share their thoughts.  I enjoy longer bookings and seeing regular clients.

  • Age; 21
  • Hair; Long Brunette
  • Size; 10
  • Bust; G
  • Eyes; Green


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