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Where Do Melbourne Escorts Rank Among the World’s Best

It is well known throughout Australia that Melbourne is home to many fine escorts, but where do they stack up against the rest of the world? While we know you’ll always stay loyal to Manhattan when at home, we also know that our customer love to explore. Which other countries do punters flock to when…
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A Heart of Gold – 10 Sex Workers From the Silver Screen

One of the greatest Hollywood tropes is the prostitute with the heart-of-gold. This article will explore Hollywood’s obsession with sex through discussing ten of the most icon silver screen prostitutes in the silver screen’s history. Elisabeth Shue as Sera In leaving Las Vegas Elisabeth Shue plays Sera a prostitute who forms a relationship with a…
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7 Ways Sex is Good For Your Health

Sex is not only great, but also great for you.  Few people need an excuse to have sex.  But in case you want a few extra reasons up your sleeve, research conducted into our carnal activities has shown that there are many health benefits for basking in our more carnal actives. Here are the top…
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10 Bizarre Sex Laws Around the World

The sex industry is a weird and wonderful place, and in many places the legal regulation hasn't really caught up with todays culture. This wonderful infographic produced by Affordable Escorts in Melbourne highlights some weird and wacky laws to do with sex. Enjoy!
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