7 Ways Sex is Good For Your Health

Sex is not only great, but also great for you.  Few people need an excuse to have sex.  But in case you want a few extra reasons up your sleeve, research conducted into our carnal activities has shown that there are many health benefits for basking in our more carnal actives. Here are the top 7 health benefits to regularly doing the deed.  

Stress relief

Sex is the ultimate form of stress relief.  Makes sense doesn’t it, exercise is a one of the greatest forms of stress relief and there are the mountains of pleasure that comes that five minutes of increased heart.  

It will also help lower blood pressure which maybe a contributing factor to stress.   

Boosting the immune system

Research suggests that sex also boosts the immune system and may even help prevent you from getting the common cold.  Sex boosts the production of IgA which is a really easy way of saying immunoglobulin A.  IgA helps the protect the body from infectious diseases. The production of IgA can be boosted up to thirty-percent after sex, so by getting it on, you can help stave off the sniffles.  

And if you’re anything like me, that made you wonder if rabbits can catch a cold.  

The answer is yes.  

Yes, they can.

Anti-climactic huh?

It Counts as Exercise

Fornication is also a great form of exercise. There are a lot of myths surrounding the exact number of calories that are burned during sex.  Some research compares the energy usage between sex and jogging and has found that you use a lower amount of energy during sex over all. However, there are period during sex where the activity can get more intense than jog.

The research in question stopped short of comparing positions so were are a long way off creating the ultimate sex workout.  But it is a great way for increasing getting your heart rate up for thirty-minutes a day.  

Lessening Pain

Research has also shown that an orgasm can actually  lessen pain.  This research indicates that an orgasm has been found to lower pain across the board.   

An orgasm is more effective at curing a headache than an aspirin, which sounds like news that is a little too good to be true for some men I’m sure.

This article also list the other things that an orgasm is good at curing, including hiccups, morning sickness and PMS cramps.

Lessen the chance of a heart attack

Having sex twice a week can cut a man’s chance of having heart attack in half!

A longitudinal study has shown there is a strong correlation between having less sex and heart problems.  Doctors are unsure why more sex can lead to lower risk of heart attack, and the explanations range from greater emotional happiness to the increased activity.

Whatever the reason it proves having more sex is good for a man’s heart at least, I am unsure of the effect on women as it seems their needs were totally ignored in this study.

Possible reduced risk of prostate cancer

Increased sexual activity may also lower the risk of prostate cancer.   Research advocates that is healthy to ejaculate at least 21 ones times a month to lower the chances of prostate cancer.  Regular ejaculation lower the chances of prostate cancer by 20% but science failed to determine why exactly.  

The science behind the health benefits of sex maybe be a little hazy in places, but do you really want to falsify anything that promotes more sex?


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